Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Fiction of Life Not: My Son is a Drug Addict

My son is in jail. This is no fiction. He is a drug addict and violated his parole. There I said it out loud and will say it again "My son is a drug addict." As a mother it hurts to have your son or daughter suffer. You can attend alanon, naranon or any other support group that applies, but the bottom line is that when your child suffers you feel the echoes of their pain.

I do not think my son has reached his bottom. I will not pay for an attorney to get him freed, even for him to attend a residential drug treatment facility. He has done that before and he lied the whole time he was there until the day he got out and then started the whole lifestyle all over again--many times.

I ask for prayers here in this blogosphere from my friends and colleagues as well as from strangers, who might be friends in the making, that my child will be okay. I'm not saying healed because that implies a miracle or that he can be cured. I am not sure about either. I will be happy if he could just be okay, that he could find a life that didn't include drugs, that he has friends that didn't do drugs, and that he could make money and not be compelled to spend it on drugs. He loves sports, he's a great writer, he's a great cook, he has artistic ability, he's funny, he can be so charming and nice. Whatever void that exists in him that makes him vulnerable to this terrible craving, please pray with me that it be filled.

Thank you all for listening.

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