Thursday, March 22, 2012

Elements of Opening Scenes that Grab Our Attention

Whether we read a book or watch a film, the beginning of it can be memorable or it can be drudgery to get through, making us long for something to happen or for the plot to grab our attention. What is it about the start of a piece that pulls us in, makes our hearts beat a little bit faster or that shocks us out of our daily complacency.

"There are great moments
in Anonymous, from its arresting
opening scene..."
And isn't this often the reason though not the only one that we go to the movies or pick up a book anyway?

This will be a topic that I will continuously address and that has been prompted by another blog post: Thursday's List: Top Ten Slow Motion Opening Scenes. In this post, Tom Biebly lists ten top slow motion opening scenes. Can you think of others to add to this list? What is it about the use of the slow motion of a shot that brings us to it more mindfully?

Next time, I will select some films to show as examples of accelerated motion/or busyness in opening sequences, beginning scenes, opening reads that may capture our pulse.

Stay tuned....and keep those comments coming. If I haven't responded yet, I will!

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