Friday, February 17, 2012

The Case Alzheimer or Memory of a Killer

De Zaak Alzheimer is a great film if you appreciate thrillers and can handle sub-titles. Also known as Memory of a Killer, this film is a Belgium adaption from a novel by  Jef Geeraerts and is in the Dutch language. It features a popular European Actor Jan Decleir, who has been in many other films, too many to list here and most without English titles.

Two of Decleir's other films that I've seen (with English titles) that I also very much enjoyed are Hop and Antonia's Line. He is wonderful to watch as he slides into the suit of his characters.

Here is a glimpse of this film which had a particular resonance for me--my favorite genre for both literature and film is mystery-spy-thriller; my mother was born in Belgium; and, unfortunately, she is suffering from Alzheimer's.

I also had a fall term roommate who is from the Netherlands. After seeing the film one evening, I recommended it to him. He watched it and really liked it. 
Of course, he didn't need the subtitles.

If you decide to watch it, please do let me know what you think.

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