Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Letter To My Readers: Regarding
Film and Literature--(two of my loves,
besides my sons and dog, of course!)

I love film and I love literature. Movies and books contribute to the richness of my life in a way that is unique and unending. They bring me joy. On the days that I have something to good to read or when I  see a great film, I am stronger, I feel better.

The ability to use my imagination when I read a book is very fulfilling to me. I like discovering what will happen and how the characters will live in the story. I like reading prose that makes me feel like I'm reading poetry, but I am not. The words float in sentences and then dissipate into an angel of feeling. There is no interruption, chunkiness, falseness--the flow is superb, the emotion and intellect are undisturbed by the words when an author has her Mojo on. I like when characters are developed so that I can visualize not just a face, but a personality that goes with it. I often create a cast in my mind of who shall play the parts in the novel if it is adapted into a film.

A good film can be close to an orgasm in the mental sense. It can be a release from the worries of day to day life, sometimes even more so than a book. Being a very tactile sensitive individual, the visual and audio qualities of film are particularly enjoyable to me. Films can provide a window of time into other worlds. I can be a different person, sex, age, live in a different century, be wealthy, be poor, be hungry, be loved or not, but it doesn't hurt because it's not real. I can still learn from it though and while the experience of watching, hearing or thinking about a film is not having the true life experience, it allows me to venture outside -- to "take a trip on the wild side" or to live with the imprisoned quality of a Victorian era female in another country or as a young academy boy who has been accused of stealing and expelled. The study of film has such breadth, it doesn't limit me. Psst...get the hit that I covet my individual freedom and space. There is the film making aspect, there is music (which I also adore), there is acting, scenery, props, locations, directing, producing. When I was a young girl and I needed to be freed of the boredom, fear, or other uncomfortable feelings, I could turn to a film to be lifted outside of myself. I can still do that today, now more than ever.

I am a senior at Fordham University and have chosen film and literature to be my individualized major. Completing my bachelor's degree at my age while working what I feel is a full-time in a stressful, high-demand job, it is not easy at the end of the day to then go to class, write a paper or read a text. Choosing film and literature was a way to encompass the maximum enjoyment out of the process. I consider myself a life long learner. I guess that is one of the reasons why working in higher education appeals to me. I can do just that--take a class on a multitude of subjects and do so when I'm at retirement age if I choose. However, since I am working towards the degree there is a certain amount of pressure that naturally comes along with the pursuit, studying film and literature opens the valve and let's out the hot air.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my blog and that you will be inspired--to come back, to comment, and to  to create (in your world).

The first work of literature and its adaptions that this blog will explore in depth will be Henry V by William Shakespeare. In between these more in depth studies, I will intersperse various reads and views, vibes and jive. Again, I hope you like what you find here and that you will send me feedback when you like.